Want to be mentored in TESOL
as it pertains to Maryland specifically?

Before deciding to take part in the Maryland TESOL Mentorship Program, think about what topics you would like to be mentored on. Below is a sample of topics but is by no means an exhaustive list:

  1. Promotion/Advancement within the TESOL/education field.

  2. Working with non-ESOL colleagues to address English learner needs.

  3. Working with immigrant/refugee communities.

  4. Advocating for our English learners with policy/government leaders.

  5. Non-classroom-based TESOL career opportunities.

  6. Understanding professional development opportunities in TESOL within the state.

  7. Taking part in TESOL-based organizations

  8. Taking more initiative in advocating for students inside and outside of the classroom.

Some things to consider about being a mentee:

  1. Are you comfortable with discussing different components of your TESOL career and where you would like to go?

  2. Are you open to thinking outside of the box in terms of where you want to go in the field?

  3. Are you comfortable receiving constructive criticism?

  4. Are you the type of person who takes initiative?

  5. Are you prepared to do extra research to learn new things?

  6. Will you come to your meetings with your mentor prepared?

  7. Be sure to set realistic expectations. 

NOTE: Everyone applying to be a mentee must be a current Maryland TESOL member at time of application submission. 

Attend the Mentorship Program session at our conference in November to meet our mentors in person and to hear more about the program .

The 2023-2024 mentee application period is closed


Email: president@marylandtesol.com

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