2023 SUMMER Quarterly


President's Letter, Derya Kulavuz-Onal
Editor's Letter,
Rishan Habte
MD TESOL’s 43nd Annual Fall Conference Virtually!
Adult Education
Elementary Education
Graduate Student
Higher Education
Teacher Education
Maryland's Eastern Shore

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2023 SPRING Quarterly


President's Letter, Drew Fagan
Editor's Note,
Rishan Habte
Maryland TESOL: A Success at the 2023 TESOL International Conference!
Maryland TESOL Higher Education Scholarship Recipient
Supporting Mental Health of K-12 Esol teachers
Helping ELLs succeed in credit courses
From Language Teacher to Language Student
Building Classroom Libraries
Reflections of a year completed
How Adult Educators in Maryland Can Support Internationally Educated Immigrants and Refugees
Reflecting on the Year: Student Success Stories

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2023 Winter Quarterly


President's Letter, Drew Fagan
Editor's Letter, Rishan Habte

Ellevating to New Heights

Mind Brain Education for English Learners

You Can Do Both! Adult Language Learning Through Professional Pursuits
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2022 Fall Quarterly


President's Letter, Drew Fagan
Editor's Letter, Rishan Habte
Cultivating an Inclusive Classroom Using Visual Aides

Uniting for Ukraine

Disability in the Classroom

2022 Summer Quarterly



President's Letter, Drew Fagan
Editor's Letter, Rishan Habte
2022 Fall Conference, Derya Kulavuz-Onal, Ph.D.
Interest Section Chair Introductions
MDTESOL Board Retreat

2022 Spring Quarterly


President's Letter, Jamie Harris
Editor's Letter, Rishan Habte
A State of Change: The Future for Maryland’s English Learners,  Drew S. Fagan, Ed. D. 
2022 Spring Dinner Award Recipients
You Can't Want the Goal More Than They Do,  FloraHyunjung Keefe
"Nothing About Us, Without Us"  Introducing our English Learner Advisory Committee
Board Member Highlight: Carolyn Girard

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2022 Winter Quarterly


President's Letter, Jamie Harris
Editor's Letter, Rishan Habte
Winter Conference Recap,  Drew S. Fagan, Ed. D. 
From Teacher to Administrator: Advice for TESOLers, Lama Masri
Board Highlights
The Presidents' Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration,  Grace Belz and Betsy Ljubic
What Teachers Should Know About Arabic ELL's Grammatical Errors, Peter Parker
Community Spotlight: New American Cities Program: Baltimore
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2021 Fall Newsletter


President's Letter, Jamie Harris
Editor's Letter, Rishan Habte
Addressing Plagiarism: Experiences from an ESL Program, Peter G. Parker
Overcoming my Own Anxiety as a Non-Native English Speaking Teacher(NNEST) and Exploring Advantages what NNESTs can bring to the Adult ESL Classroom, Flora Hyunjung Keefe
Building Your Professional Toolkit: MWIS- What's That?,  Katie Edwards
Local Educators Responding to Student Needs, Betsy Ljubic and Grace Belz
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2021 Spring Newsletter

 Highlights Include:

  • Outgoing and Incoming President's Message
  • 2021 Spring Dinner Honorees
  • MDTESOL Tech Maker Space
  • Please Ask Me About My Heritage, Not Where I'm From  Lama Masri

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2021 Winter Newsletter

Highlights Include:

  • President's Message
  • Understanding Trauma Response in the Time of COVID (and Beyond!) 
  • What Works: Western MD IS
  • Leveraging Minecraft Education Edition (M:EE) with EL Students 
  • Community Organization Spotlight: The Skilled Immigrant Taskforce

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2020 Fall Newsletter

Highlights Include:

  • President's Message
  • Exploring Technology with Teacher Candidates
  • Digital Resources Guide
  • Educator Spotlight: Amanda Kremnitzer
  • Community Organization Spotlight: CASA de Maryland

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2020 Spring/Summer Newsletter

Highlights Include:

  • Integrating Digital Literacy
  • Messages from recent and new president
  • The Danielson Framework and TESOL
  • The Circuitous Path
  • ESOL Success Story
  • Coping During the Pandemic

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2019 Fall Newsletter

Highlights Include:

  • Highlights from MDTESOL Fall Conference
  • Keynote Speaker Feature Article: Rebecca Oxford
  • The Bilingual Corner
  • Teaching Writing to Emergent and At Risk Bilingual Students
  • ESOL Success Study
  • Educating All Teachers Working with English Language Learners
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 2019 Spring newsletter

Highlights include:

  • Task Based Language Learning with Board Games, by David Schmidt
  • ESOL Success Story - From ESOL to the School Board, by Haleemat Adekoya
  • The Bilingual Corner / El Rincón Bilingüe - Frederick High LYNX, by Billie Muñoz

  • English as an Additional Language and the edTPA, by Tabitha Kidwell

  • Pedro Noguera and Grit 2.0, by Billie Muñoz

  • MDTESOLers in Atlanta - Debra Suarez inducted to TESOL Board of Directors

  • Highlights from the 1st Western Maryland Regional Mini-Conference 

 2019 WINTER newsletter

Highlights include:

  • A Translator's Life: Interview with Burmese interpreter Lian Khan Kap, by Billie Muñoz
  • ESOL Success Story, by Andrea Chevez
  • The Bilingual Corner / El Rincón Bilingüe, by Billie Muñoz

  • A Dissertation with a Difference: Adolescent immigrant Ixil students, by Luis Penton Herrera and Billie Muñoz

  • 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Debra Suarez

  • JROTC and ELLs, by Miles Hoenig

  • A Pyramid of Culturally Responsive Education for Elementary ELLs in the Mainstream Classroom, by Cheryl Howard
  • ESOL 101, by Farhana Shah

2018 Fall newsletter

Highlights include:

  • Welcome Message from Maryland TESOL president Luis Javier Pentón Herrera
  • Culture's Enhancement of Instruction and Learning, by Ivette Cruz and Jamie Harris 

  • A Week of Summer in TPC Institute and an Interview with Maritza Solano from CASA de Maryland, by Selma Basmaci

  • Career Paths in TESOL: The Best Jobs in the World! by Teacher Education & Professional Development IS

  • ESOL Essay, by Jorge Portillo

  • The Bilingual Corner / El Rincón Bilingüe, by Billie Muñoz

  • The Circuitous Path, by Ileana Taboada

  • MDTESOL Celebrates Year at Spring Dinner, by Billie Muñoz

  • Full Text of Remarks, by Kathleen Callahan, K12 Teacher of the Year Recipient

2018 Spring NEWSLETTER

Highlights include:

  • Message from the Editors, by Billie Muñoz and Erica Rivera
  • Maryland TESOLers Find Success in Chicago, by Billie Muñoz
  • Engaging Immigrant Families in Early Education Programs, by Elizabeth Phillipson
  • Advocacy 101 & Updates on the Activities, by Tara Theroux
  • Understanding the Multigenerational ESL Workforce, by Brad Knieriem
  • Student ESL Essay — My ESOL Story, by Evelyn Makano
  • Circuitous Path, by Susann L. Conboy

  • Maryland TESOL Reaches Out to Puerto Rico TESOL, by Billie Muñoz

2018 Winter Newsletter

Highlights include:

  • Message from the Editors, by Erica Rivera-Vega and Billie Muñoz
  • Advocating for English Learners – An Overview of Diane Staehr Fenner’s book, by Nicole Obregon

  • A Preliminary Study of the Impact of English Language Support Courses in an Art and Design Curriculum, by Joseph Carr and Sukyun Weaver
  • Engage Critical Thinking Through Debate, by Katie Miller

  • An Interview with Tyler Pruitt, a Baltimore City ESOL Teacher & Newcomer Expert, by Grace Belz


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